You’re Going To Want To Backup After Reading This

In one of our previous blog posts we talk about how updates are important and how you need to keep up with them. While this is true, you should ALWAYS back up your data before installing new updates. One of our junior level techs learned the hard way what happens when you fail to backup before updating important data. Read on to see what happened:

A few days ago our technician in training was working on making changes to a website. This tech thought that backups were being made of everything on this website daily and so just went about making changes and updating things. The tech happened to update one of the plugins for this website from version 1.4.1 to version 1.4.2. This update broke the plugin and therefore caused the website’s header to break as well.

The tech quickly went to the backup section to revert the changes, but soon came to realize only the website database was being backed up and not the plugins or the theme!! It took this tech hours to figure out that the problem was related to the plugin update. It took even more time to then implement the fix for the plugin and the header, all because the tech did not ensure proper backups were being made.

While this was a minor incident that was fixed, it took the tech way longer than need be to correct their mistake. Instead of just being able to revert the changes back from a properly working backup, the tech had to first troubleshoot the issue to find out the cause. Then the tech needed to spend more time implementing a fix. After this fiasco, the tech went and immediately implemented the correct backup methods for the website so that this mistake would not happen again!

Take it from our technician who spent hours on one issue that could have been fixed in mere minutes: ALWAYS backup your stuff before updating anything. I don’t care if its an app, your operating system, your mobile phone, a website etc. You should always be backing up so that if an update breaks something, you don’t have to spend hours fixing it.

Also, always test your backups. It will be of no benefit to you if you think backups are running properly (like our tech did), but in reality they are not. So always check to be sure your backups are running correctly and are backing up everything you need. Then you can safely proceed with important updates!

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