There is no display on the monitor, what do i do now?

1. Double check to be sure the monitor is powered on. Check the monitor power cable. 

2. If there are no power lights coming from the monitor (green or orange in color) try pressing the power button until it comes on. 

3. Be sure that the monitor is properly connected to the back of the computer. 

4. Be sure the monitor cable is nice and snug fitting into the back of the computer. 

5. Tighten any loose monitor cables. 

6. Be sure your computer is not in sleep mode. If your computer is in sleep mode, just move the mouse around and your display will show up again. 

7. If none of these solutions work, call or email Freedomnet Support for further help 

Why is my mouse acting erratically?

1. Your mouse could be dirty. Simply clean the mouse of all dirt and debris. Make sure your work area is also clear of all dirt and debris that could hinder the mouse from properly working. 

2. If your mouse is wireless, the batteries may simply be dying. Change the batteries on the mouse.

3. If those steps fail to work, plug the mouse into another computer to test if it is truly defective at this point. 

4. If your mouse is still acting funny after trying steps 1-3, we suggest you replace the mouse. 

My computer is frozen, now what?

1. If your computer is completely frozen up, push the power button on the front of your computer. Once it is powered off, power it back on. 

2. If this does not resolve your problem and your computer continues to freeze up, please call or email Freedomnet Support for further help. 

How can i tell if an email is spam?

1. Some spam emails are obvious, such as the ones that say stuff like "I lost 25 lbs in only two weeks using this amazing pill!" 

2. Other spam emails are not so obvious. These emails may contain links that look legitimate. Clicking these links can cause much damage to your computer. 

3. These emails may also be formatted to look like they came from UPS or any other company for that matter. Some of these emails may even come from your friends. If your friend "sends" an odd looking email, do not open it. 

4. If you get an email from someone you do not know, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK OR OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS THAT MIGHT BE IN THE EMAIL. 

5. If you are not sure if the email is legitimate, the safest thing to do is to just delete it immediately or contact Freedomnet Support for help.

My computer is making a funny sound, now what?

So you start hearing an unusual noise coming from your PC. This could be anything from a broken fan to a damaged hard drive. 

1. If you hear a clicking sound coming from your computer, your hard drive is going bad. You should contact Freedomnet Support immediately so we can backup your stuff and replace the failing drive. 

2. You might hear your fans making funny sounds as well. This could indicate that your computer is dirty inside or that the fan is going bad.