our values

FreedomNet's Etiquette Policies 

1. At FreedomNet we want our customers to trust and value our professional opinion. Honesty and transparency are huge for us when dealing with our customers. We work hard to give you honest pricing and recommendations. We want our customers to be happy with the service we provide. 

2. Our pricing methodology is unique in that we do not charge an arm and a leg for our services. We offer many discounts, packages, contracts and hourly blocks. You have many pricing options and can therefore pick the ones that best suit you. We do not force anything on you. We do not lock you into contracts. The best way to serve you is to let you pick and choose. 

3. Our SLA (Service Level Agreement) is very appealing. We do not make our customers wait for unreasonable amounts of time. 1.5 Hour(s) to respond to a Service Call via Phone/Email or Remote Connection. Severity and Resolve is determined by the actual issue. We pride ourselves in our quick response time. 

4. Professionalism is also a huge part of FreedomNet. Even on the hardest days, a company must act respectful and professional towards its clients. We at FreedomNet will deal with your issues patiently and respectfully. 

In all, FreedomNet works hard to give you honest business and fast technology solutions!