our approach

Learn about FreedomNet's Proactive and Cost-Effective Approach

Choosing FreedomNet as your Managed Service Provider is a cost-effective solution specifically designed to manage your business services more proactively and effectively. 

At FreedomNet we believe that being proactive is a major key to success. A majority of IT companies are reactive. The deal with the aftermath of disasters and fix issues once they have already happened. We, however work hard to prevent the causes of disaster. This helps to minimize large issues and potentially devastating situations. This method of being proactive also means we follow up with customers often and we tell them if we resolved an issue they never even knew happened. We believe it is important to have good, clear communication with all of our valued customers. 

Our prices are affordable and reasonable. We offer monthly contracts that you can opt out of at any time without any fees.You will NEVER be locked into yearly contracts unless you request to be. We also offer hourly support for those who do not have contracts. 

 To sum it up, we are a proactive IT company looking to help out your business without charging an arm and a leg.